Our Saturday, again

It’s been ten months but finally we managed to have another Saturday together, Flavia and I. Sea walking, lunch, a new town, gelato, laughs and chatter… exactly what we both needed.

It didn’t start well since just as I arrived in Cerveteri, our meeting place, I saw Flavia’s message: “Do not come! Dead battery!” Luckily she was able to get another battery from a friend and came over just as my car wash – a spontaneous but urgent matter – was drawing to a close.

We left my car there, took hers and tried to locate a new castle but it was confusing and getting too near our lunch so we drove straight to Santa Severa where a scout (that would be me) located a lovely seaside restaurant Isola del Pescatore.

I would prefer to take there the incoming visitors but I read a hilarious online account of what happened when a woman tried to eat there with her dog. I thought for a moment to dress up like one just to annoy the owner who forbids them, but I thought better of it and wasn’t sorry. It is always risky to eat somewhere with a Porsche parked in front, but for the wallet, not the stomach. We survived.

After that the sea was inviting us in but alas we didn’t bring our costumes so we just frolicked with our bare feet in the sand and teased the waves and looked at the Santa Severa castle with the hostel and the museum which we visited last September, took silly selfies and laughed.

We returned to Cerveteri and decided to walk around the historic centre which was preparing for the evening feast. We found a gelateria, and the view towards the sea made me think of Barcelona even though I haven’t been to Spain yet.

We made a plan to go Portugal and shook hands on it. And we made another plan, to just drive down to the south of Italy, like Flavia did last year. Like Thelma and Louise. But first, we will hug my visitors on Tuesday, and wish and show them happy Italy, and then Slovenia too.

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A Slovenian in Italy for love. Blogger, photographer, translator and would-be writer who would be a writer if she wrote. Plus reluctant but emerging poet. Beware.

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