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CMMC: My summer dark greens

This is my first entry for Cee’s Midweek Madness Challenge and she would like to see our dark greens, possibly my favourite eye balsam.

All my today’s photos were taken this year from June up to now. This has been an exceptionally busy time for me, especially after months and months of low activity. My feet did remarkably well and it was so good to be in the company of my people and new friends.

First I went to Slovenia for a month and spent some lovely time with my family. Then uncle brought me back home to Tuscany in mid-August and we had some fun over here.

Then on the last day of August my two friends from Oregon flew over and we were hopping around my two countries for a week. They are about to fly back to the USA right about now after our lovely last dinner last night. Last for now.

Crystal and Pedro, thank you for your guts and hearts and the rest of you that made the decision to come over. I’m sure – and my last seven photos prove it – that it was worth it.

But first some other dark green glimpses from my summer, including an old-timer from the 1000 Miglia race, some real and fake garden scenes from the Slovenian coast, and the Drava river from Maribor – the city of my father.

Included are also several art exhibits from the Porto Ercole botanical garden where I took uncle with mixed results. The most astonishing photo is from there too: of a still standing palm tree shot through by way of RAF. A lady in our group was quite upset. I think she thought it had happened the previous month. “It was under Mussolini,” her husband whispered to her. “Ohhh, right, Second World War,” she remembered.

So whatever we do, let’s just never forget what one must not do to get one’s pretty cities bombed, alright?

For Cee’s Midweek Madness Challenge: September color – dark greens

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