Thursday Doors 4/11/21: San Gimignano

San JimmyJano, JohnRH called it in a comment to my Tuesday’s post, and I find it hilarious. Here it is, my first time in this small but highly touristy Tuscan town this September.

When uncle and bestia and I went on our first autumn daytrip, I chose this famous multi-tower town on purpose as our final destination of the day. I counted on some lovely light and that was had, as was a gelato in one of the world-record boasting gelaterias in town with the longest queue.

But after months of seclusion throngs of people felt wrong and the multitude of tourist shops like the worst kind of trap. I realise now that my camera did well to stay away from all that.

We moved quickly through the town. I was shooting doors from the hip but only those that really deserved it, that’s why there will be only one Thursday Doors post from here. A dog belonging to an artist painting in a park followed us and bestia did not approve of his company, so we had to get out of there even though it was pretty.

As we exited the walled-in town, there was the prettiest fountain and cold water was just what we needed, all three of us. Find it here, in my previous post with more glimpses of art from this beautiful but rather artificial town. Today, just doors and some of the towers. Welcome to San JimmyJano!

For Thursday Doors challenge hosted by Dan at No Facilities

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Published by Manja Maksimovič

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58 thoughts on “Thursday Doors 4/11/21: San Gimignano

  1. I love the throwback (for me) to San Gim. It’s the city ya live to hate. I hate crowds, and touristy things, and yet there were so many places to sneak away for photos. Loved the breadstick we found there. (Not sure I shared). To get to the town though we took one of the biking Tuscany tours. It was a blast. Called the Gelato bike ride. Anyway, I would still go back. A photographers paradise… before the buses arrive.

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  2. I can understand wanting to avoid crowds (especially tourist laden crowds). You did a pretty good job shooting from the hip, Manja. A whirlwind tour but some impressive towers and beautiful doors.

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  3. We should have done more research before going to Lucca (lol, we were too tired from the 3 weekend workshops in art I did right before in Holland anyway) Love this ambience, Manja. Could go back to Tuscany anytime! Great door framed in an arch. And the two towers closely together like a twin. Yeah when taking pics the crowds are a nuisance, I totally agree:) Have a lovely weekend, my Friend:)

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  4. this was your first visit? surprising. I have visited it too, it is lovely but overrun with tourists. however, I was here also once when it was raining and it was March so it was almost empty, but then it looked sad.

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    1. Oh, Tanja, I believe this, rain changes everything. I’m not a fan of what everybody is a fan of. 🙂 Tuscany has soooo many places that nobody knows and are just as stunning. I hope you return! And thank you.


  5. He he…I too had a Gelato there during our visit. And we even got a picture with the man behind the gelato🙂. I couldn’t help writing a comment as soon as I read that you too went there. Will go back to reading the rest of your post now.🙂

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      1. ❤ Manja I loved all of Italy. It’s such a romantic place and is so easy to smile there- everything is simply beautiful. Do check out my post on Italy and let me know if you pictured me the same way🙂. Hugs

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      2. lol yes…I saw you read all my posts. Sorry for not replying earlier. I have a bad bout of the flu (I have to call it that since the report is negative 🙂 )


    1. Thank you, Smitha! 🙂 I’m so glad you were here, less than two hours from me, and we even had the same gelato. I was never near your country or even continent. Happy to provide happy memories.


      1. What a beautiful coincidence right. If you check my posts on Italy, you’ll see the picture of me at the very same spot🙂. Hope to visit again. Until then your posts will take me there.

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