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CFFC: Future nostalgic

Isn’t this a brilliant theme? I had one photo in mind immediately and was sure to gather many others. And then…

Cee’s post is so cute and I was in such good spirits when I started to look. The first photo I searched out deliberately. It was of a poster we spotted in Padua this September. “Future Vintage Festival”, it said. Just brilliant, thought I then and think it still, isn’t this what we all are? Future vintage.

The next photo that I found almost teared me up. It was taken only 12 years ago and I look like another person. Alas, the other person in the photo forbade me to post it.

I thought some more and quickly realised: Why look back at all? It’s the present when we are the youngest and the thinnest (well… I speak for myself) that we will ever be. The world is at its serenest, the seas are at their lowest, the weather is at its calmest. Let’s be nostalgic for our present.

With this in mind I had a look at the last batch of photos taken one week ago and knew these were the ones I wished to post. The ground here is practically level with the sea if not below it. This means it will be the first to go.

Before I left home one day, I saw a feather in front of our garden gate, as if it were a present. I returned for my camera and when I opened the gate to take a photo, the gust of my action blew it away. I caught it but the symbolism lingered.

On Thursday the final sad addition to this post arrived. My friend Vera with whom I had pizza this summer as pictured, passed away due to lung cancer. Keep an eye on us, Vera.

The future is now, present is past, and nostalgia is a happy memory.

For Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Future nostalgic


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Published by Manja Maksimovič

A Slovenian in Italy for love. Blogger, photographer, translator and would-be writer who would be a writer if she wrote. Plus reluctant but emerging poet. Beware.

27 thoughts on “CFFC: Future nostalgic

  1. The views of the marsh area are wonderful!

    I’m so sorry you lost your friend to lung cancer. It’s not easy. I lost my sister last year to lung cancer. It sucks!

    Those little orange and red fuzzy balls I’ve seen in Calif! They are fun. I hope you have a lovely week-end!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love this post. The outpouring of a wise brain. Yes, we are future vintage!! Love that. And yes we ought to be nostalgic for the present! It’s the best we’ll ever be. Good wholesome landscape shots. I could smell the ripe fruit and country air from here 🙂 Sorry about your friend. I daresay she had a most excellent pizza though.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahh, thank you for your kind words and for hopping around my posts, Sunra Nina. It always makes me happy when you do. That fruit is not edible though, it’s just natural bush décor. (At least I think so! Birds probably fancy it!)

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Lovely photos as always Manja. Those eucalyptus (gum trees) do look like the ones that grow around here. I’m glad they have found a home in your part of the world. Thanks for linking to my Two Weeks of Trees theme.

    Liked by 1 person

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