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CFFC: Boooooks

Here is a compilation post for Cee close to my heart, with my favourite books and book photos of the last eight years.

Just yesterday, as I was reading my first Martin Beck novel, The Laughing Policeman, on my e-reader, Kobo, I realised what is wrong with e-readers. They don’t make me feel the same as holding a book does.

You don’t get to grasp a book, take it in as the whole, observe the quantity, shape, form, state, all of it, at a glance. One e-book follows another, and it’s harder to make it stick in my mind. They may be well-written, vivid, intelligent, and yet they pass as they were never here to begin with.

My books have always been my best friends. I tried reading two non e-books this year (when the internet was down) and both proved to have letters that were too small for the faint light in my bedroom and for my eyes – even with my glasses on. It was a painful realisation.

Luckily amore got me a Kobo years ago and I have collected e-books to last me several life-times, or I’ll just have to live really long.

Many suggestions for what to read have come from my state-of-the-art, one-of-a-kind booklist, which is safely kept on a previous blog and for which my family, friends, blogging buddies and all sorts of internet acquaintances have contributed their favourite book(s). Here it is. Click on the photo and be transported:

If you haven’t yet – or if you have but have acquired a new favourite in the meantime – please be so kind and leave your favourite title(s) in a comment, here or there, especially if your book is not included yet.

And now here is my life in books, at least the last eight years of it. It starts in our home and spreads over some book shops in Slovenia and Rome.

I’ll never forget what amore told me the first time I visited him and we went to Almost Corner Bookshop in Rome, a rare one with English books in the city. He watched me for a while, smiled and said I was like a kid in a sweet shop.

For Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Books and Paper


This day in my blogging history


Published by Manja Maksimovič

A Slovenian in Italy for love. Blogger, photographer, translator and would-be writer who would be a writer if she wrote. Plus reluctant but emerging poet. Beware.

37 thoughts on “CFFC: Boooooks

  1. I’d like to pop round and have a look at your library! Some excellent books there. I love the Martin Beck stories. Very often not much happens in them which is what most investigations must actually be like. I think there have been studies about the difference bewteen real books and e-books. The main thing I remember is that the reader is less engaged and experiences less empathy when reading an e-book. If you are reading a novel, empthay is the whole point, I think. Paper books only for me!

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  2. Since my eyesight is getting old reading books became harder because the fonts are getting too small!! So, I bought an e-reader and it’s just not the same. My book reading has dropped off completely outside of what I read on the computer. It’s sad.

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  3. Dear God in heaven, Manja!!! That booklist!! I am supremely impressed by your reading prowess. It explains a lot about you though, why you’ve got so many brain cells. Adore the photos. Bestia looking like an influencer (LOL) and that your parents put your NaPoWriMo poems into a book, I love that.

    I doubt I’ve read as many as you, I certainly couldn’t remember them all and compile a list. I recognise some good names on there though, good old Kafka, Niffeneger, Blume, Wilde….amazing to go through this list. Now I know where to have a good look for recommendations! 🙂

    A wonderful post 🙂

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    1. But this is not my list, Sunra Nina!! It’s a list of other people’s favourites! I’ve only read those that are set in cursive. 🙂 That would be REALLY impressive.

      That’s why I’m asking you all for your favourites, and nobody is giving me any! (Kerfe was kind to invite me to be friends on Goodreads.)

      Thank you though, I had a feeling you’d like this post. You know where the cells come from.

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      1. I re-checked. Still a choice list however! A wonderful challenge to take up, to spend one’s life reading all the books on that list. But then one never could as it would keep being added to. I shall add some titles in the comments at some point 🙂

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  4. Here you go, Manja!

    Camus, Albert – The Plague
    Coelho, Paulo – Veronika Decides to Die
    Duncan, Glen – I, Lucifer
    Evaristo, Bernadine – Girl, Woman, Other (reading this right now)
    Ishiguro, Kazuo – Klara and the Sun (though I haven’t read this yet, but I’ve heard great reviews)
    King, Stephen – The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon
    Plath, Sylvia – The Bell Jar
    Rushdie, Salman – The Satanic Verses
    Walker, Alice – The Color Purple
    Wurtzel, Elizabeth – Prozac Nation

    (I had to remove The God of Small Things and The Wind-up Bird Chronicle as they were already on the list 🙂 )

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    1. Ahhhh!!!! That’s what I meant!! A brilliant, succulent, determined Sunra Nina booklist! Thank you so so much. I wish everybody did it this way! I’ve read three of these (Purple, Veronika, Verses). A few are fully new to me. The Bell Jar is ready to be read. I’ll add them most gladly to my list very soon. Thank you!!!

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      1. Ha ha, thanks! You are most welcome 🙂 It was quite fun! It reminds me what I’ve read. What a great idea though to have a book list! So convenient – I’ll just refer to your list if I feel I need a good book recommendation 🙂

        The Bell Jar is on the list of books with the most compelling first line of a novel. Oh, have you read the Verses too? I didn’t spot it. In that case, another Rushdie I recommend is The Ground Beneath her Feet. Quite intense and intriguing.

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