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Wordless Wednesday with a larch

For Suzanne at Mapping Uncertainty who is posting Two weeks of trees

This day in my blogging history

  • 2019: Wheelbarrow garden:


    There is a wheelbarrow house
    with a wheelbarrow garden.


    Whose idea was it? I wonder.
    Did the kid climb in it and say: “Go!”?


    Or did a grown-up, father or uncle,
    think of it first?


    In any case, it happened,
    I have photo proof, just not here:


    Me, grinning ear to ear
    out of the wheelbarrow


    pushed around the garden
    by uncle or father.


    My first wheelhouse.


Published by Manja Maksimovič

A Slovenian in Italy for love. Blogger, photographer, translator and would-be writer who would be a writer if she wrote. Plus reluctant but emerging poet. Beware.

16 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday with a larch

      1. Pines are confusing. I went out to photograph the Italian Stone Pines yesterday and found heaps of other pines growing near them. Luckily the stone pines have distinctive bark. (this will be today’s tree post).

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