Pic and a Word #294: What travel?

This is how I travel, feet up. The pic is from a previous October but the words are from two days ago and the placement is the same. I haven’t been anywhere since, except brief dog walks.

Today I may have been 
only in our supermarket
by the lagoon,
choosing chocolate,

but I’m in Africa now
listening to African jazz

after I was reminded
of that horrible ZOO keeper
in that John Irving novel
and of Garp’s accident
- don’t do this at home, kids -

after I thought of Shetland
and its honesty-operated
roadside cake banks
and of Lyra and her familiar
and of Ender and the trees
and how he was lied to 
that it was just a game
whereas he killed for real

after amore said
putting on his gaming headphones: 
“Let me just kill a few fascists 
and I’ll be right back”

and after Flavia in Iraq
who loves Stereophonics
said that being an atheist there
was even worse than being a Catholic

and after I heard that Italian doctors 
who had come to Slovenia to help battle Covid-19
were turned away
because their documents were not in order

and that Luka was no longer the flavour of the moment
because they say
he is fat.

Please tell me:
Who needs to travel anywhere anyway?

In response to Patrick Jennings’ Pic and a Word Challenge #294: Travel

This day in my blogging history

Published by Manja Maksimovič

A Slovenian in Italy for love. Blogger, photographer, translator and would-be writer who would be a writer if she wrote. Plus reluctant but emerging poet. Beware.

31 thoughts on “Pic and a Word #294: What travel?

    1. Oh, Marlene, this was the point of my poem. I do it all, and did everything in my poem, only through books and internet from home! The photos are just memories from previous posts posted on this day. I like being at home too or I’d go crazy here.

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  1. Of course I have a different approach! We should all seek our own personal joy, and if traveling via 1’s and 0’s is your bag, then embrace it. I get too restless at home and when I spend too much time on my computer, my body starts crying at me to go outside and work hard and build up a sweat or I’ll get depressed.

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      1. They’re called gift poems, apparently 🙂 I learned that in a poetry workshop last year. Because they just arrive and sort of write themselves and need no editing. Yeah, it’s nice when that happens.

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  2. I’m travelling through my memories these days, searching through photos for blog posts and capturing how those places felt! And through other people’s blogs, through online talks and tours and through books, TV and films. But none of it comes close to being a substitute for the real thing! We managed Paris and Seville this year, which was a small comfort, but we’ve decided to postpone our planned February trip to Sri Lanka so I currently have no travels to look forward to, which is a sad state of affairs!

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  3. Good afternoon! Coronavirus is a shape-shifter and game-upender. For instance, I have friends who have spent hundreds of hours planning a two month vacation in Europe in spring 2022 (they’ve never been to Europe). But now, what with the new virus variant, I suppose they likely will cancel the trip.

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    1. Ahh. 😦 Sorry for them. I planned my 50th for last May too. I wished to pack 50 friends and family on a bus and travel around places that were important to me. Who knows if it will ever happen now. I refuse to acknowledge my age until it happens. I say that I’m forty-eleven. 😀

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