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PPAC: Prekmurje 1. – Robert Jurak

When Marsha asked me recently what my next public art series would be, I still had no idea. And yet today starts a new series from Prekmurje, the region in the NE Slovenia that is a part of the vast Pannonian plain. First comes Robert Jurak, a welder artist.

Prekmurje means “the land over the Mura river”. It lies in north-easternmost part of the country with Hungary to the right, Croatia below and Austria on top, or in the chicken head if Slovenia is in the shape of a chicken and many claim it is.

In the summer of 2019 amore and I visited my friend from this region and she kindly showed us around. This whole series will be from that one day, July 30th. This time it will be mostly about architecture, but let’s start with some sculptures.

Lendava is a town with about 3000 inhabitants. We visited the castle above for the indoor exhibition of two painters, which doesn’t make art public enough for this challenge, or does it? I’m afraid I will have to infiltrate some of that in my series too. One of the two featured artists was Friedensreich Hundertwasser, one of my favourites.

But before we entered the castle, I was blown away by the metallic cows and fish on display around it. They were part of another exhibition called “Welded World” by an artist from the region called Robert Jurak. When we were done with the indoor exhibits, I had a peek behind the castle and sure enough found more Robert’s sculptures on display there. The birds were especially eye-catching. He made them after the drawings by one of his painter friends.

This is just one bit of info that I learned recently from a documentary about him on TV Slovenia. He said that his masterpiece was still to come. Take your time, Robert. We are waiting.

For Photographing Public Art Challenge (PPAC) hosted by Marsha at Always Write

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Published by Manja Maksimovič

A Slovenian in Italy for love. Blogger, photographer, translator and would-be writer who would be a writer if she wrote. Plus reluctant but emerging poet. Beware.

43 thoughts on “PPAC: Prekmurje 1. – Robert Jurak

  1. So much to talk about here, Manja. The tv. I wonder what’s on! To answer your question about the stork being scary or smiling I think would depend on whether or not you were a fish. Based on their prior knowledge, I don’t think these statues would be appropriate in an aquarium. I love the silent orchestra. A great entry all around!

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  2. My favorites were the one-legged birds. Reminds me of all the herons I have seen standing on one leg, Manja. As for “scary or friendly,’ I’d say that fellow was having a friendly conversation with us. –Curt

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  3. I like these a lot, especially the one-legged birds and the ones that look like skyscrapers! They remind me of the work of Dan Klennert whose place we visited in Washington:

    By the way, I have a problem with your website that I’ve not encountered on any other. If I’ve clicked on any of your photos to see them bigger, as I did today, they all keep popping up in rotation as I try to type my comment, some times after every other letter. It must have happened 30 times or more as I wrote this! Has anyone else mentioned the same issue?

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    1. Thank you, Sarah. I see that you have showed me this post with Dan’s work once before. I love his horse most of all. They are a bit similar indeed.

      And thanks for alerting me to this problem. Others have done so already but not recently, which made me believe that it has been fixed. Apparently not. I suggest that just before you are about to start writing your comment, you refresh the page. This should eliminate the problem. I appreciate your perseverance! It must have been such a pain.

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      1. I will try. This summer is already shaping up very badly. Three furry friends died and one near human death. Not good. But there is only one way to go from here- upwards!


    1. Yeah! I’ll show myself around it too, it’s been a long while. This Christmas I was in Rome for the first time in almost two years. We didn’t reach the centre at all. But most of all I’ll take you and your boy to the fairy-tale town of Sant’Angelo di Roccalvecce.

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  4. I adore the cows!! Just wonderful and haunting. You could take endless shots of them in different weathers and the mood would continually change with them. That’s what I love about public art like that. And the silent orchestra. Wonderful 🙂

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