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Thursday Doors 20/1/22: Santa Severa 5.

With this post we say goodbye to Santa Severa, that’s why I’m letting several non-door photos take part too, for you to get the feeling of how gloriously this day ended.

It was a hot day in September 2020. My uncle was on a visit and we met with Flavia in Tarquinia, from where four Thursday Doors post emerged on my previous blog, with the first one here.

Then we drove to the Santa Severa Castle. With its doors we spent another four Thursdays, including the last one, one Monday with its windows, and today’s post is the goodbye.

After the pretty museum was done, Flavia and I emerged in the castle courtyard just as it was beginning to bathe in that special golden light which we get here on the west coast of Italy. There was a cat, a strange superhero exhibition, and several doors and doorways that wished to be acknowledged.

Then we sat down on the rocks and waited for the sunset show, for which this location is famous. The last photos of the day were taken of the castle from the parking lot. There was a picture of a fish on the wall advertising a restaurant.

Little did I know that almost exactly one year later this restaurant, a rather VIP L’Isola del Pescatore, is where I would be reunited with Flavia after not seeing each other since October. We were not sorry. After lunch we took off our shoes and walked in the warm sea. No doors from that time but the last two photos show the mood.

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