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Lens-Artists PC: Travel teachings

Amy has kept us nicely busy this week with her theme. What have travels taught me? The more I think about it, the less I can say about it. Except this: Movement is a point of life.

The thing is to move from this to that, and possibly back, but not always. Different places activate different parts of you. You need all these parts activated.

There are shores with perfectly pink sunsets.

There is the warm wind from Africa that dries your mouth.

There is yearning for places where you have never been.

There is recognition of places which you cannot possibly know.

There are so many places, and among them there is one waiting to be called home.

Photos: Uncle MK, Turkey

And now, from the comfort of my home I witness how you did it and will do again. For example, my travelling uncle. Photos in this post are borrowed from his last couple of travels to Turkey (the gallery above) and Egypt (the gallery below. I have no info on specific locations. If you have been there, you might recognise some).

Two other men are travelling to places in a way that I never will. Each wrote a book about it.

One is Fabrizio Soggetto (blog: Are We There Yet?) who has been to -stans and China and wrote the amazing Turn Left at Lenin’s Statue: Travels in Central Asia.

And the other is Jeremy Dales (blog: Ethnic Scarf Club) who went to the foothills of the Himalayas in 2013 and wrote Travels in the Hills: A Trip to the High Places of Asia. I haven’t read it yet but it’s here:

And while some are doing this, I realise that with the exception of some eastern European countries (heavily modernised by then) I have never been anywhere out of my westernised comfort zone. This is how the World Tour map of my life looks like thus far. (Originally posted here. The second map in that post shows my nine Pearl Jam shows. Tenth has been added since, the one in Rome 2018).

My world tour map

And finally, I wish to draw your attention to certain posts that got to me lately:

  • I haven’t read many posts for this challenge yet and I know this is no contest, but when I saw travel teachings of Sarah at Travel with Me I realised that it would be hard to say and show it any better than she did.
  • Smitha’s three posts from Jaipur in Rajasthan on her blog Eúnoia put me right there. What a glorious place! Here is the first.
  • Carol Ann Siciliano made me tear up with her description of Italy’s welcome in Return: Priverno, Italy.
  • Dalo. Man, he welcomed the Year of the Tiger all right with this post from Peru.

So you see, lessons left and right and one doesn’t even need to move the dog’s head from one’s lap.

Photos: Uncle MK, Egypt

For Lens-Artists Photo Challenge, hosted by Amy at THE WORLD IS A BOOK…: Travel has taught me

This day in my blogging history


Published by Manja Maksimovič

A Slovenian in Italy for love. Blogger, photographer, translator and would-be writer who would be a writer if she wrote. Plus reluctant but emerging poet. Beware.

39 thoughts on “Lens-Artists PC: Travel teachings

  1. I love how you start your wonderful post with the Movement is a point of life. I enjoy your uncle’s travel photos. I haven’t been Turkey, beautiful phtotos through his lens. Your travel map looks fabulous. Thank you for these links and the two travel books. Nice blogging series, Manja!

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  2. I agree Movement is the Point of Life! I love to travel and feel so blessed that my parents started my travel journey when I was young. Unfortunately, there’s never enough time or more importantly money to see all want to see.

    The images are wonderful. I’d love to see Turkey, and Italy and oh everywhere! I love your map!! I’ve never created one it would be fun to see that on a map…then again it could make my longing for travel even worse than it is right now.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. True, I felt this longing too while doing this post. Thank you kindly, Deborah. We do what we can and as much as we can… I’m glad you like the photos too. My uncle gave me all his photos from these two travels to choose from.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I’ve just spent the last 30-40 minutes with Sarah,Smitha and Carol. A fabulous journey but a pure illustration of how easily time disappears around the blogs, Manja. And I was smitten with your map. Where people have been always interests me. Sadly now I have to cook supper. Many thanks for sharing, lovely lady.

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Beautiful, Jo. Thank you so much for doing it and telling me about it. They are excellent company, we blobbers all are. 🙂 I know – I have SO much time. Not everybody does. I’m pretty sure that this map tool is still active, if you wish to do your own. The link is in my original post. Always welcome for as long as you can.


  4. “Different places activate different parts of you.” That is so true, well said! I really enjoyed your uncle’s photos of Egypt in particular (I was there very many year ago). And thank you for linking to my post and your lovely words about it 😘

    Liked by 2 people

    1. You’re most welcome, Carol Ann. I read a lot but some pieces touch me more than others and yours – more than one – did just that. I had much fun selecting uncle’s photos for this post. He is so kind that he gave me all photos that he took.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Such a wonderful read, Manja! There is something so perfect you say at the beginning of this post” Movement is a point of life…” And, yes I could not agree more. You have some incredible photos of Turkey that your uncle took, and looks as though he did well on his trip ~ one day I hope to visit there. The shots of Egypt also were impressive, perhaps even more because I love the history and people of this area. Very cool. And, hey, hey.. hey, something to make you a little jealous ~ I have tickets to Eddie Vedder and the Earthlings concert in Seattle on the 21st. Very much looking forward to see him and the band. It is amazing you’ve been to nine Pearl Jam shows. Fantastic!

    Finally, so many thanks for the kind words you mentioned about the blogs that have gotten you thinking recently. Wonderful to read their words too ~ and with your writing and thoughts, it makes me happy to be a part of this community. Wishing you a great day ahead ~ take care!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aaaaah! You certainly know how to tease. 😀 I have just heard a couple of songs from the first show. THE place to be. You are LUCKY. Have a most wonderful time, for me as well. Meanwhile I’ve added show #10 in Rome 2018. 😉 And you’re most welcome. Your post came just in time and I shared it with my sister who was in Sacred Valley more than once.


      1. Ha, ha, yes I am so very, very, excited about the show… A bit of serendipity to have extended my stay in the States long enough to catch it. Also, the Crocodile Cafe (where grunge was truly created, and has been closed down) opened up in a new location a few blocks from where I live in Seattle so I am intrigued about what type of music they have now. I’ll let you know so you can plan for the future 🙂 Also, great news about your sister visiting the Sacred Valley more than once, I’ve wondered how perceptions change when visiting such places again and again, a gaining of richness and understanding which is beautiful. Wishing you and your family the best as they continue to explore life 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  6. The” There is…” lines are poetry and all very true. It is amazing all the places to see in the world. The map was very cool to see. I should take a look at that too. You have only been to California in the US? hmmmm.

    I think my favorite photo is the weaver. So intent on the project at hand. Travel really does change us, for the good. Donna

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you, Donna. So happy that you call it that. Oh yes, I’d love to see your map! I did mine a long time ago but I have nothing to add except more little pieces of Italy. And yes, only LA and SF. 😀 The Pacific ocean is rather brilliant.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh, I always wanted to be an LA Woman. 🙂 Blame The Doors… Was lucky too. I arrived there before Christmas on a day after the rain. Imagine the sky, the horizon, the colours… I was smitten. And now I have found my California much closer to home, in Tuscany.

        Liked by 1 person

  7. Your uncle takes wonderful photos. I have been to both Turkey and Egypt and highly recommend both. I do appreciate your perspective while traveling from home. Possibly the fact that you have traveled so much in Europe (and the US) allows you to understand the experience when you hear and see descriptions from others. Have you read Turn Left at Lenin’s Statue? I did. What did you think of it?

    Liked by 1 person

  8. I love all of this:

    “There are shores with perfectly pink sunsets.

    There is the warm wind from Africa that dries your mouth.

    There is yearning for places where you have never been.

    There is recognition of places which you cannot possibly know.

    There are so many places, and among them there is one waiting to be called home.”

    Now I just want to throw on my scarf, jacket and shoes and jump on a train to somewhere! ❤

    I'll also come back to this post at some point and read all the links properly, as there are so many and no doubt they are juicy 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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