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Thursday Doors 10/2/22: Cerveteri 1.

A hop back to August when Flavia and I had our last year’s only getaway. A week or so later she was off to Iraq for work.

Ah, how well we did our getaways and how I miss them! So many giggles and jokes, doors for me and windows for her, new places, beauty, fresh air, good food and great company.

Cerveteri is a town in Lazio between her home in Ostia and mine in southern Tuscany where we chose to meet. Her car had a battery problem and while waiting for her I found a car wash. After our lunch in Santa Severa (remember that sea food?) we returned to Cerveteri and had a stroll around, my first.

When in company, I have my eyes open for doors but I don’t overdo it. I shoot from the hip without thinking. The result is that levels are not level but see if I care. I can still recall the atmosphere and luxury of having a friend with me. I confess, it’s hard for me to do it alone, search for new places, so I don’t.

There will be the second post of our one hour in Cerveteri but this is how it started. At the end of the post please find some gratuitous non-door photos involving a cat and a ladybug that you may have seen already, but they make me really happy.

The last time I saw Flavia was three days later when Crystal and Pedro, my visitors from Oregon, flew in and we did a tour of Ostia Antica. Flavia met us there. I had no idea that would be the last time I saw her for such a long while.

Another friend far away made me happy yesterday when she showed me a photo that she took of my Calendar 2022 which she had printed out, just as I’d envisioned. She is the first friend to do so. And today she is showing us several marvellous Rajasthan doors from her country, India. Thank you kindly, Smitha!

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20 thoughts on “Thursday Doors 10/2/22: Cerveteri 1.

  1. Thank you for the prompt- I need to visit Smitha. You don’t like to explore on your own? I love it, though I’m a bit limited because I don’t drive. And we never stop walking so there’s not much time!

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