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Cin cin, Flavia!

Getaways with Flavia are the thing I miss the most, if anybody asks. Let’s hope for many more.

Just when you get the first friend in Italy (and what a friend!), first the pandemic hits and then she moves to Iraq. By the way, her hotel has just opened, if you wish to visit Basra.

Since today is Flavia’s birthday, here are all the twelve times when we got away together, with a photo or two for each occasion. You’re welcome to join us. We always have so much fun and laughs and jokes that great views and food and windows (for her) and doors (for me) are always just an extra.

Let’s not forget: We met through our blogs. They bring you places and the best people. Here is her most recent post in which she goes outdoors to enjoy a sandstorm.

In my blogging memories below the gallery you will notice that another friend celebrates today in Slovenia. They got to meet two years ago here in Tuscany and discovered that they have a mutual friend. The world is smaller than we think.

Happy birthday to Flavia and Vasja and all the March hares!

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Published by Manja Maksimovič

A Slovenian in Italy for love. Blogger, photographer, translator and would-be writer who would be a writer if she wrote. Plus reluctant but emerging poet. Beware.

19 thoughts on “Cin cin, Flavia!

  1. Such lovely tributes to Favia and Vasja. I relish the fact that you met through your blogs. And I agree: our blogs take us to the best places and the best people! Thank you for sharing the stunning public art in Ostiense in Rome and the magnificent ceilings. And Bestia’s pose and Flavia’s contemplation by the sea. So much to love!

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  2. I’m a March hare too, Manja!!! I had to tell you cause I felt left out 😀 I adore the shots with the archway windows and views beyond, but then I saw Bestia looking human (he has a habit of doing that) and adored that photo too. That waterfall is pretty spectacular too 🙂

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    1. Ahh! That’s good to know since I certainly didn’t know it before. Sorry if you’ve told me already. You didn’t celebrate yourself on your blog! I must say that I gravitate towards the hares on one side, and to crabs on the other (but those tend to be only men). Amore surprised me as a goat and dragon in Chinese. I’ll forget again till next year, I’m afraid… Unless you give me a number too… 😉 I know that we would have just as much fun as I always have with Flavia.

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  3. For the fifth Friday in a row I am working instead of getting my day off but it’s already more quite than usual. Thank you for your post my Manja.i just read it. I miss you too, Fonzie, good food, our getaways, our laughs for nothing, our meeting in the middle of nowhere and of course your friendship ❤️🤗 I am coming back in September. Get ready 😎

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