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A man on the roof

Last year at this time I was going slightly mad. What else is new, eh?

Here he is, unassuming, innocent, spotted and shot from far away for being a novelty. I lacked impulses so much that five minutes with a man on the roof meant the world to me.

And this year that I could go anywhere, I don’t. My wings have been clipped.

In Slovenia roofs are pointy. There is snow. Probably that’s why I was so impressed.

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Published by Manja Maksimovič

A Slovenian in Italy for love. Blogger, photographer, translator and would-be writer who would be a writer if she wrote. Plus reluctant but emerging poet. Beware.

32 thoughts on “A man on the roof

  1. I agree with you: there’s something so evocative about a man standing on the roof. Thanks for bringing him to us. I also loved the photo of the Terme di Saturnia, with Bestia and Amore (?) enjoying it so.

    I’ll be thinking about you tonight. Go Mavs!

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    1. Oh, Carol Ann, thank you for thinking of me, but the last two games were so… hard. Not much hope left, only that they (that is the Suns) will let us win at least one more game. Because I don’t think the Mavs can do it without the Suns’ consent… That was a visitor in the water, not amore. And the current swept him along into the next group of people. 😀 I’m glad you find the man on the roof interesting too.

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      1. Ha! Isn’t that something! 😀 It makes me grin ear to ear. They are sooooo ready, and together, and friends, and good! Tonight again… It will be so interesting to see if they will be allowed to win on the road.

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  2. It made me think of in college, when in spring we would climb up a roof access ladder to the flat top of the mansard roof of the dorm, five stories up, to sunbathe in spring, and startle people on the ground by shouting out at them. They did not expect people to be on the roof there. A pleasant memory your man on the roof reminded me.

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  3. It’s strange how you can get used to not going out. I had plans for today, but then I spent all morning coming up with excuses not to go. COVID has stymied my sense of adventure.

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      1. Ooo getting interesting lol. My downstairs young Italian couple had a fight last week and I was on the balcony listening to the whole conversation. The girl was crying. Lots of drama. I felt like I turned into one of the “Maria”s after moved to Lisbon. You know those old ladies hanging on their window watching other people’s lives lol.

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