Bottlebrush progression

May is the month when bottlebrush (Callistemon) starts to bloom around here in Tuscany and one bush is conveniently placed in a garden just behind our home. This is how it went last May.

And if you are impatiently waiting to flower, think about what Denise Riley wrote about it in the essay “Lyric Shame” which was kindly sent in by Christopher Perry who writes beautifully at Voyage des Mots.

Flowering itself is a sign of distress, in that a plant starved of nutrients will produce flowers but not leaves, in its desperate attempt to make seeds, its own future.

Denise Riley

If I may direct you to the post in the memories from 2017 about three feel-good moments in my life, I will. This is the direction into which I’d like to blossom, now that seeds are out of the question.

And finally, for those following the basketball saga: While almost everybody thought that the Dallas Mavericks would be out by now, last night they won against the Suns, which makes it twice in a row, and tied the series to 2:2. Now we shall see if they will be allowed to stage an ambush in the Phoenix desert tomorrow night. Because if you play really well, really together and really unselfishly, you can beat the best team, the referees and the entire system even away from home.

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29 thoughts on “Bottlebrush progression

  1. Everything about those flowers is magic.
    Are you about to get into the car and take off for parts unknown? Might be just what is needed. I think we all could use a change of scenery, not to mention a little spontaneity injected into our lives. (K)

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    1. Thank you, K. This sounds like just the thing, except I’ll opt for parts known – my Slovenia and family. 🙂 My uncle will pick me and bestia up in some three weeks and drive us there. Plenty of unknown corners to explore there as well. I need more off screen time.

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    1. I’m glad you do, Bonnie Rae. What can I see, I like to discover a good thing, start rooting for it early and stick to it to see where it leads. 😉 When team spirit trumps individual mentality, I’m especially pleased.


  2. How lovely that you are featuring a bottlebrush tree. I have one just like that right outside my kitchen window. That particular variety is indigenous to this area. They aren’t in flower here now but it’s great to know you are enjoying them in Italy at this time.

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  3. The sequence of bottlebrush photos is splendid, culminating in full bloom. How lucky to have a bottlebrush in your yard. I also appreciate your tribute to the Mavs. No matter what happens, they’ve shown great heart (in addition to great skill).

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