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Just flowers

My favourite kind of flowers are those that are still growing. All these were growing last May here in southern Tuscany.

Okay, the Ukraine had to win the Eurovision Song Contest.

And now I’m so extremely interested in seeing whether the league and the system will let Luka and the Mavs win tonight and eliminate the Suns. This is not a normal thing. It goes against so much and it would upset so many. And yet, it’s the correct thing to happen.

If the Mavs lose fairly, all well. But if they lose to the whistle, I’m marching on Washington.

On the day before my birthday I’m summoning the power of these flowers and this goat and this donkey to let us all bloom some more.

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Published by Manja Maksimovič

A Slovenian in Italy for love. Blogger, photographer, translator and would-be writer who would be a writer if she wrote. Plus reluctant but emerging poet. Beware.

29 thoughts on “Just flowers

  1. I saw that Ukraine won Eurovision and my first thought was: What does Manja have to say about this? I’m sure it was ‘legit’ but it almost sounds like a sympathy vote, of which I am not a fan.
    Luka did great the other night. Keep the pressure on, buddy!

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    1. Hihih!! You are well-trained, Lois! 😉 Well, it’s hard to imagine being on any stage if my country were attacked. For this reason alone I’m happy they won. Luka did indeed do great but tonight it’s game 7… SO curious if they will be allowed to eliminate the Suns by the referees. Thanks!

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  2. Flowers and never just flowers. Splendid.
    As for Ukrainians, it was expected. Glad they won…It’s some sort of a poetic justice, I guess. Just saw an ‘announcement’ on German TV that the song contest will be help in Mariupol. Hm, how realistic is that?!

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  3. Did you hear my screaming???? Probably not, because you were WHOOPING. The Luka and the Mavs gave you the most amazing birthday present. I’m so happy for you! I’ve got my whole family rooting for the Mavs now. Get Curry.

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    1. Oh Carol Ann, I read your comment earlier and it made me giggle. We will get Curry for you all. 😀 How lovely that your whole family is a supporter now! Yes, I couldn’t believe my eyes and when I woke up I thought I dreamed it all. UNBELIEVABLE!! And on my birthday too… Thank you so so much!!


  4. Manja!!! Happy Birthday!!! I just happened to be reading an earlier post just minutes ago on my blog and in it you coincidentally mentioned what day your birthday was and I realised that date is today!! I hope it was joyful and fun and sunny and breezy and full of good wine and cheer and all that jazz! And then some! Much love ❤ x

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    1. Oh, Donna, I’m happy to see you hopping around my blog. 🙂 This year’s birthday started off spectacularly because a certain Slovenian and the team he is in saw it fit to gift me the best present by demolishing a certain desert team in Game 7. 😀 If it made you all fume, I hope you could envision how happy it made me and this made you feel a little better. 😉

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      1. I do know how happy it make you. It has been fun to see you enjoy basketball. We have been traveling a lot, so haven’t watched too much myself. Glad you had a good birthday.

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