Thursday Doors 23/6/22: Black, white or every colour?

I’m glad that I waited for Dan’s post before getting my post ready, since this week Thursday Doors teams up with Cee’s Black&White Challenge. I chose to roll both ways and you can be the judge which format suits each of my six photos better.

As you may know, I’m not a fan of black and white photos, especially mine. They look like somebody sucked all the life out of them. However, today the idea is to see if I can turn a door photo into b&w without too much cringing and suffering. I tried six times. You be the judge.

I’m on my laptop here in Slovenia and compared to my regular PC at home the difference in screen quality is drastic. I just hope that the edits are not overblown.

Other than that, it’s been nice and hot, other than the ping in my back and one fall due to paying more attention to doors than to where I’m going. Luckily neither me nor my camera broke, even though I landed on top of it, with just some scratches.

The sea is warm. I’ve seen one friend. I’ve been eating homemade goodies made by my parents. I have one new green dress. Five postcards have been selected that will travel to the USA, Canada and Japan. I’m watching films on the huge TV in my bedroom. Current favourites? “Big Eyes”, “The United States Vs. Billie Holiday” and “Molly’s Game”. All these people really lived. Fascinating. Not much local culture yet, but in exactly one week I’ll see Luka play live…

Hopefully you are well, enjoying life, loving each other and taking care of yourselves as fits you the most. See you around.

For Thursday Doors challenge hosted by Dan at No Facilities

and for Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge: Doors and Drawers

Published by Manja Maksimovič

A Slovenian in Italy for love. Blogger, photographer, translator and would-be writer who would be a writer if she wrote. Plus reluctant but emerging poet. Beware.

43 thoughts on “Thursday Doors 23/6/22: Black, white or every colour?

  1. Manja–you are so funny. B&W sucks the life out of you?! I think all these photos look great in color and in B&W. I kept switching back and forth and they are wonderful either way.
    Be careful over there! No falling–especially not on top of your camera!! 😬

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    1. I’m glad I was able to keep you busy, Lois. 🙂 Well, as I was making my selection of doors to turn into black and white, most turned up horrible, boring and lifeless. These six are the only ones that passed the test somehow. Thank you! Promise, no more falling!

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  2. Maybe we need to team up with an insurance company for Door Photographer coverage. Please stay one your feet and protect your camera. I won’t tell you how to prioritize that. As for which way looks better, it’s a mixed bag for me.

    The first one makes more of an impression in b&w. The second one definitely needs the color. The third one is amazing. In the color version, we see the pretty blue sky while the b&w version makes it look like a stormy day. I barely notice a difference in the gray one, but the ocean view needs color. I actually prefer the b&w view of the bottom.

    Thanks for playing along and joining both challenges, Manja. You’re a good sport.

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    1. Thank you, Dan, for your insurance offer and stating your preference in all six cases. It’s true: I look around so much and on these uneven streets it’s a hazard. The lesson taken. I included that uneventful door on purpose because the colour version looks so much like a b&w shot already. I agree with all your opinions except the last. I love the colours too much.

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  3. I am with you – some people do very well with black and white, but I am not one of them. Hope you have no after effects from your fall. Sooo lucky your camera is all right:) Like the third door with the twirly iron screen – it has stamina! happy weekend, Emille

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    1. Thank you, Emille. I agree – I was lucky all around and will take extremely good care from now on not to repeat it. I love it how you say about that door. It has stamina indeed. 🙂 Be well!


  4. Lovely doors, and for what it is worth, I think that they all work very well in full colour and in black and white, and you notice different things in each. Well done for rising to the challenge.

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    1. Thank you, Not Pam. 🙂 As I was choosing doors to include, I was getting desperate because the majority were so lacklustre if converted. These six were the only possible candidates! I’m glad you found one that actually wins over colours.

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  5. Interesting contrast. It makes the graffiti stand out more–I like that. The geometry of the 4th one is very effective in black and white, and the 5th one becomes an entirely different place. (K)

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  6. I’m marching in the color photo parade, all the way! What fun to have a new green dress, watch TV on a large screen and eat home-baked treats. (I hope you do some of that at the same time.) Your postcards will be fun!

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  7. I feel the first and third photos work well in B&W, the rest I prefer the colour versions 🙂 If you are disappointed with your black and white images try boosting the contrast to get a bit more drama – you may find them less lifeless if you do!

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    1. Thank you, Sarah. Yes, I don’t use any more improved editing software, just the basic photo gallery because I’m lazy like that, especially now with this crappy monitor. Also, frankly, I really don’t care about (or believe in) my b&w output enough to put in more effort.

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  8. Sounds as though you’re having an excellent time, Manja. I’m glad. I really like what you did with the sliders to combine the challenges. I tend to prefer color, but it was fun to see the difference.


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  9. Great selection of photos, Manja, and I enjoyed them. I use to think the same way you did of B&W photos, looking like somebody sucked all the life out of them 🙂 But you did well, the 5th shot being my favorite… the blacks were sharp. With the first photo which I also liked, one thing with B&W which is important is to get a “pop” between the black and white… when I do this, I increase the contrast (deepen the blacks, and then highlight the whites). Also, I must ask two questions:
    1.) What did you think of Molly’s Game? I loved the movie.
    2.) Luka is a God 🙂 please tell me how the game went 🙂

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    1. Hahhah!! You love Pearl Jam AND Luka AND Molly’s Game!! You’re the man! (But I knew this.) I’m wearing my Pearl Jam “Don’t Give Up” shirt to the Slovenia : Croatia game on Thursday. 😉 I never heard of Molly’s story or this film before and it blew me away. So crazy but believable too at the same time. Imagine if they used the real names in the film… I tried to find out who was who after watching it. Thanks for the b&w tips. I’m sure I could do plenty with editing but I’m not skilled at it nor very patient, so I’m letting it be for the time being. That’s why I’m really happy that you like what I did here. Thanks, Dalo!


  10. I love that you shared this photo experiment. I know what you mean about b&w photos, but I personally like them. There are times, like in a couple of yours above, where the black and white version has way more presence than the colour version, and (imo) it’s when the lines and form are stronger than the colour spectrum. The contrast of black and white enhances them, I feel.

    For example, the one with the wall with scribbled graffiti above is absolutely better in black and white, to me. As is the first image you’ve shared. I would have enhanced the contrast a good few notches more for extra pop but that’s just what I would have done. As they stand, they’re great ❤


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