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February 2022

This post has three parts: a funny re-enactment attempt, a song, and twenty photos from last February for my Calendar series.

First, you saw it last year already but I just have to repost this experiment. We had an online carnival last year and bestia had to be the seal.

It’s been a while since I last gave you a song. This one is in Slovenian. She is singing “it’s-all -the-same-all-the-time.” (If the song refuses to play here, watch it on YouTube.)

As you will see in the photos, it really is, all the same. The question is: if beauty is all there is, is it still beautiful?

Even you know it by now, what I see around me daily: bestia, donkey, one field, another field, the town on the hill, blue sky. If the time is right, rosemary and almond trees in bloom. Last year the blossoming was extra rich.

This year spring is a week behind compared to last year (no matter that the first poppy was spotted three months earlier than usually). Only the top branches of this tree have some blossoms, for now. It’s been raining today. I haven’t seen such blue sky in days.

But there is also an airplane going to the moon (no, just missed it). And four photos from another daytrip to Rome. And some faraway piglets. And a personal cloud.

I will always aspire to find something new in the familiar, no matter how hard it is getting. Ten years will do that to you.

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Published by Manja Maksimovič

A Slovenian in Italy for love. Blogger, photographer, translator and would-be writer who would be a writer if she wrote. Plus reluctant but emerging poet. Beware.

24 thoughts on “February 2022

    1. Ooo, you are, Jo? I wish you luck but I’m not sure this is what you need. 😀 You’ll need good shoes, lots of liquid and cool clothes. Only Rome or also some Tuscany? How much time will you have? I’ll be near…


      1. Ohh, I haven’t been to Rome as a tourist for years. I have never been inside the Colosseum, for example. I suppose you can book tickets online, yes?

        My favourite part of Rome is Trastevere, around Almost Corner Bookshop. Also, there is a cannon every noon from the Gianicolo Hill. One more thing, there is a nice view of Rome from Monte Mario, but I don’t know how to get up there other than by taxi. Have a look at this link, lots of cool ideas:

        Also also: always count the returned change when you pay by cash, watch your belongings, and don’t sit down for coffee unless you agree to pay 5 to 10 fold for it. 😀 Have it by the bar instead (insist on it!). Rome has made industry from draining tourists. It’s just so damn interesting and attractive whatever you do and wherever you go. Enjoy!


      2. Never been inside the Colosseum? Isn’t that a capital offence if you’re Italian? But of course, you’re not! Thanks so much, hon. Yes, online booking for that and the Sistine Chapel etc. Will enjoy browsing. There’s a blog called Mama loves Rome I’ve looked at too.

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  1. I like the samba beat to that song.
    You pay much more attention to the natural world. I don’t remember if last February had more or less flowers. Well there aren’t very many this February anyway. But I’ve course I’m usually only looking at doors…
    But I especially like that one of the plane and the moon! I’m glad he missed it. (K)

    Liked by 1 person

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