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Four April centos: No. 4

We have reached the final, fourth cento made of our last April lines. Thank you most kindly for your words! Above all, I wish to congratulate every NaPoWriMo participant on reaching Day 30 and poem 30. See you again on another April 1st. Next, I apologise for not asking your permission in advance. I knowContinue reading “Four April centos: No. 4”

You are a gift

Miralem, my friend who celebrates today: You are so good at gifting yourself that you will last forever. (No, it’s not my dog’s birthday, even though he is in so many photos. Miralem is my human friend in Slovenia.) On this day I sometimes show the world what you have gifted me through the years.Continue reading “You are a gift”

Four April centos: No. 3

My third cento may be titled “Bad sad mad” but that doesn’t mean these 24 closing thoughts of the month are any worse than the rest. They simply gravitated together to create something that we all need to purge from time to time. When April was over and done, your poems didn’t leave me alone.Continue reading “Four April centos: No. 3”

Four April centos: No. 2

Today is the day for the second of four centos that I compiled from the endings of poems that were written on the last day of April, Day 30 of NaPoWriMo. This one has to do with life. As I gathered all the last lines of the 96 poems shared on the official NaPoWriMo websiteContinue reading “Four April centos: No. 2”

Four April centos: No. 1

I may be done with April but April is not done with me. This is something that I had to do: collect final thoughts from ALL your final poems and shape them into four centos without changing a word or adding any. Here is the first. The idea came to me as I was readingContinue reading “Four April centos: No. 1”

Day 28: Index 2023

I’ve been waiting for a good prompt to unleash something a bit special. Index sounds just right. See if anything about this poem seems familiar. Prompt 28: Today, I challenge you to write your own index poem. You could start with found language from an actual index, or you could invent an index, somewhat inContinue reading “Day 28: Index 2023”

Day 13 & Thursday Doors 13/4/23: Door jokes

Don’t you love it when you are allowed to turn your poems into jokes on a rainy Day 13? Prompt 13: Try writing a short poem (or a few, if you’re inspired) that follows the beats of a classic joke. Emphasize the interplay between the form of the poem – such as the line breaksContinue reading “Day 13 & Thursday Doors 13/4/23: Door jokes”

Thursday Doors 19/5/22: Green doors from Slovenia and Trieste

I made it! With this post my one year of daily blogging is complete. With this post we have made the full circle of one year together. Thank you for all your visits and words! I’ll be posting less from now on through the summer but will still drop by, for example on Thursdays. BeContinue reading “Thursday Doors 19/5/22: Green doors from Slovenia and Trieste”

Sixty-six film flashes

Here are flash reviews of all 66 films that I have seen in the last three years and a half. If anybody asked me I’d say that out of all the things I do on my blog I’m proudest of a few poems and my film posts. It’s because I love this kind of shortContinue reading “Sixty-six film flashes”

Happy birthday to me

Here is an overview of past birthdays since today is one such. Yes, it happened: in the early hours of today I got the best present that no money could buy. In the first half Luka Dončić scored 27 points, the same as all of the Suns combined. It only got worse (for the latter).Continue reading “Happy birthday to me”