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New About me

Hi, I’m Manja Mexi and I click as I blink, with wild abandon. And then I wish to share it all with you who weren’t there. After all, it’s the least I can do.

Depending on which of my blogs you ask, I have been Manja Mexi Movie (on blogs one, two and three), Manja Mexi Moving (blog four) or Mexcessive (blog five). Through it all I am Manja Maksimovič, a Slovenian in Tuscany for love, in the summer in Slovenia on holidays.

I have put together three colour-coded galleries of what and how I point and shoot. The first one is – unsurprisingly – green. Green wins.

“Better than nothing is not enough.” When I saw this graffiti in Sarah’s post, I thought this could be the theme of my new blog, this one, my sixth. It goes well after “Less is not enough”, the motto of the previous one.

But then I remembered when Tina made a comment under one of my ultra colourful mega compilation posts in which she used this phase: “An embarrassment of riches”. This phrase was born for me, I thought. With a little addendum: just that I’m not embarrassed.

The second gallery is bluish. Green + blue is my colour theme.

I learn about photography by doing it on my blogs. I’m a fan of mess, colours, doors, catching happy moments. I’m not a fan of editing. (Not that I don’t do it, but I stick to the basics.)

The last gallery is of all remaining colours, which are mostly yellow, brown and stone with a splash of pink.

My blog is my main means of communication with the world. We learn so much by doing it. The world becomes smaller. It brings people, the best kind of people, into our lives. It’s beautiful. This is why I keep doing it after eight years. Thank you for adding your part.

July 31, 2021

ADD-IT 1: I’ve been told that you can’t leave comments on this page. I can’t seem to find where to change that. That’s why I’m adding the green Feedback button that I found by chance among the blocks on offer. It only appears here in my About me. Do not hesitate to use it. You can comment under individual posts though.

ADD-IT 2: I’ve also been told that writing comments under my posts can be tricky. If typing certain letters (I believe “d” is among them) keeps bringing you back into the gallery, refresh the page just before you are about to comment and you should be fine.

ADD-IT 3: Sometimes – when you look at my blog posts in the continuous feed – my photos are displayed in a single column instead of the neat gallery. When this happens, click on the title of the post and it will open in a new window with the gallery as it should be. Thank you.

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