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Day 19: A scary skiing haibun

This is not what a haibun was made for, but this memory came up and wished to stay in prose, until the final haiku. The graffiti above is translated at the bottom of this post. Prompt 19: One common feature of childhood is the monsters. The ones under the bed or in the closet; theContinue reading “Day 19: A scary skiing haibun”

Thursday Doors 3/2/22: Prekmurje

Prekmurje is the flat, Pannonian, NE region of Slovenia in the head of the chicken if you look at the map. I was there in 2019 and still haven’t showed all of its doors. And there is a drive-by of Austrian doors too. This is Slovenia. A reminder: There is Italy to the west, AustriaContinue reading “Thursday Doors 3/2/22: Prekmurje”