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Day 27 & Thursday Doors 27/4/23

I wrote my poem and chose some photos and then remembered that it was Thursday. Luckily, my friends are touring Tuscany and keep sending me doors as we speak. Grateful! Prompt 27: Write your own poem titled “The ____ of ____,” where the first blank is a very particular kind of plant or animal, andContinue reading “Day 27 & Thursday Doors 27/4/23”

Day 27: Duplex with the dog

Today I wrote my first duplex and the counting down the days of April made me feel like Scheherezade. What if it must never end? And the dog, the dog is always here somewhere. Prompt 27: “Today, I’d like to challenge you to write a duplex. A duplex is a variation on the sonnet, developedContinue reading “Day 27: Duplex with the dog”