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Day 18: Alphabet poems

Today more edible plants, including those dangly kumquats, and all the letters, twice. Prompt 18: Today, I’d like to challenge you to write an abecedarian poem – a poem in which the word choice follows the words/order of the alphabet. You could write a very strict abecedarian poem, in which there are twenty-six words inContinue reading “Day 18: Alphabet poems”

Day 17: Igor is no longer here

Today I call a couple of vegetables and relatives by name and build a poem around them. Prompt 17: Begin by reading Sayuri Ayers’ poem “In the Season of Pink Ladies.” … Don’t say flower when you can say daisy. Don’t say bird when you mean a hawk. Today’s challenge asks you to write aContinue reading “Day 17: Igor is no longer here”

Our bestia is ten years old

The poem for today will have to wait. We got a monster prompt and I’m travelling. In the meantime, let’s celebrate bestia. There was a storm in the night and bestia kept me away between one to five, which is not ideal but since it’s his birthday, I’m not holding him against it. We willContinue reading “Our bestia is ten years old”

Friendly Friday gardens

Yesterday I showed you some doors from one of them, today a brief tour of all three gardens in Tuscany as visited last May on an open-door day. Since Friendly Friday guest host Sofia wishes to see our gardens and since I don’t have one, here are three that I visited just in time, lastContinue reading “Friendly Friday gardens”

Thursday Doors 17/3/22: Castello Poggiarello 1.

On an open-door day last May I did a lovely three-garden tour near Siena but only posted doors from the first garden. What was I thinking? Is St. Patrick’s Day a sign of spring? Because yesterday it happened over here: First I saw the first rows of processionary moth caterpillars, then I heard the firstContinue reading “Thursday Doors 17/3/22: Castello Poggiarello 1.”

Lens-Artists PC: La Serenissima

This is a trick title. Neither is this post about Venice, nor am I very serene right now. I’m in pain, my back said it had enough of sitting here all the time. I got pills and cream and hope for the best. Still, only five photos. Ha. I also got a package from SloveniaContinue reading “Lens-Artists PC: La Serenissima”

Lens-Artists PC: Seven times bliss

For today’s post, which answers to two challenges with similar themes, I gather seven times when I felt blissful. I wouldn’t mind revelling in repetition of such times, but most of them were unique. I have a good friend who has just come out of the hospital after almost three weeks of Covid-19 pneumonia andContinue reading “Lens-Artists PC: Seven times bliss”