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Day 21: Honesty

I chose to wrestle my eagerness to finish this month in the upbeat manner of self-help books. Prompt 21: Choose an abstract noun from the list (of 14 words), and then use that as the title for a poem that contains very short lines, and at least one invented word. I liked the 8:6 ratioContinue reading “Day 21: Honesty”

Day Ten: I Love Luka & Pic and a Word #308: Construction

I knew this day would come: Today I just must post the poem which I wrote on Thursday, because my love for Luka is stronger than any rules. This post will be interesting to you if you love basketball at least a little. If not, you will learn something about me: I’m a fan. LoveContinue reading “Day Ten: I Love Luka & Pic and a Word #308: Construction”

Thursday Doors 26/8/21: Ljubljana Stožice

Even for Slovenians, “Stožice” is not the easiest word and then they put it in the name of the newly built Arena (well, from 2010). Ž is pronounced like the second g in garage and the stress is on o. Try it: sto-ži-tze. It is what this part of Ljubljana, a 15 minutes’ walk fromContinue reading “Thursday Doors 26/8/21: Ljubljana Stožice”