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Sitting trios

I found the three chairs below in my archives and thought that today was a good day to combine two challenges, Thursday Trios and Pull up a Seat. Only then I thought of 3×3 chair basketball.

While the three chairs are from last summer, all the rest are from a single occasion in 2018 when I stopped in the centre of Ljubljana to have a look at the 3×3 Ljubljana Challenger, a street basketball competition of teams of three. Before the main event there was also a game of chair basketball. They play in teams of three as well.

Even though the event was sponsored by Cedevita, a staple orange powder drink in our home even here in Tuscany, I bought myself a Cockta, another drink “from our and your youth”, as the slogan goes. Then I strolled by the Ljubljanica river, had a gelato and the day was made.

In other news, are you playing Wordle? I started today. Besides the regular English version, I’m playing Slovenian, Italian, Sweardle, and my favourite (because it fits well with the times and it’s not limited to one a day) Absurdle. Give it a try.

For Pull Up a Seat, hosted by XingfuMama


and for Thursday Trios, hosted by Mama Cormier

This day in my blogging history


Published by Manja Maksimovič

A Slovenian in Italy for love. Blogger, photographer, translator and would-be writer who would be a writer if she wrote. Plus reluctant but emerging poet. Beware.

33 thoughts on “Sitting trios

  1. Great trios Manja and yes I play Wordle every day with my family. We connect every morning after finishing the Wordle for the day. I got it in three tries today. Everyone else struggled with it today. Such a simple word.

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  2. I love that building with the three arches on the river.

    I looked up Wordle yesterday actually. I’m not playing it though I did read an article yesterday that gave many good words to start with to get the word faster since you only get 6 tries or you’re out!
    I play three word games already. Cross Word Jam, a word search one, and words with friends.
    I should add a French word game though. What a great idea, Manja!!

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  3. I enjoyed the chairs and arches, but the sports commentary was most interesting. It looked like the one team member might have hurt himself, so it was good to read that he got up and fixed the problem. That had to hurt!

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  4. How does one plum themselves? You are funny. I do love verbing a noun occasionally too.

    Of course you’re doing Absurdle, Sweardle and all the others, I am not surprised in the least. You are a linguist. And there are no shortage of blondes in Ljubljana, blondes everywhere!

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    1. Alert, this is not my poem, Sunra Nina. We need to ask that Austrian fellow how one plums oneself. I he is still alive… I’m having much fun with all these games! Hihih, did you really spot many blonde women in Ljubljana? Amore notice many artificial red-heads.

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