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Four April centos: No. 4

We have reached the final, fourth cento made of our last April lines. Thank you most kindly for your words! Above all, I wish to congratulate every NaPoWriMo participant on reaching Day 30 and poem 30. See you again on another April 1st. Next, I apologise for not asking your permission in advance. I knowContinue reading “Four April centos: No. 4”

Four April centos: No. 3

My third cento may be titled “Bad sad mad” but that doesn’t mean these 24 closing thoughts of the month are any worse than the rest. They simply gravitated together to create something that we all need to purge from time to time. When April was over and done, your poems didn’t leave me alone.Continue reading “Four April centos: No. 3”

Four April centos: No. 2

Today is the day for the second of four centos that I compiled from the endings of poems that were written on the last day of April, Day 30 of NaPoWriMo. This one has to do with life. As I gathered all the last lines of the 96 poems shared on the official NaPoWriMo websiteContinue reading “Four April centos: No. 2”

Four April centos: No. 1

I may be done with April but April is not done with me. This is something that I had to do: collect final thoughts from ALL your final poems and shape them into four centos without changing a word or adding any. Here is the first. The idea came to me as I was readingContinue reading “Four April centos: No. 1”

Day 28: Index 2023

I’ve been waiting for a good prompt to unleash something a bit special. Index sounds just right. See if anything about this poem seems familiar. Prompt 28: Today, I challenge you to write your own index poem. You could start with found language from an actual index, or you could invent an index, somewhat inContinue reading “Day 28: Index 2023”

Thursday Doors 5/5/22: Capalbio

You have seen this town and most of its doors already but the photos are new. On Sunday I hopped up with my passing visitors and clicked around while they climbed the tower. Sunday was lovely. Yesterday you saw the poppies we found, and today you will see our nearest town, Capalbio on the hill,Continue reading “Thursday Doors 5/5/22: Capalbio”

Day 30: Magic cento

Today is the day to finish things and maybe start new ones. We had another amazing April, my fifth, in the company of Maureen’s prompts and all the poets and their poems. My last poem is for you all. Prompt 30: “Today, I’d like to challenge you to write a cento. This is a poemContinue reading “Day 30: Magic cento”

Day 23 & PPAC: Hanging tree

Another poem inspired by the art in the Porto Ercole botanical garden last summer. Prompt 23: “Write a poem in the style of Kay Ryan, whose poems tend to be short and snappy – with a lot of rhyme and soundplay. They also have a deceptive simplicity about them, like proverbs or aphorisms.“ Right… IContinue reading “Day 23 & PPAC: Hanging tree”