Thursday Doors 4/8/22: Koper 2.

Here is another batch of doors from the Slovenian coast to lure you over.

Today let’s look back again at a June afternoon spent in the biggest Slovenian port city Koper 20 km south of Trieste, even though you wouldn’t guess it’s a port from these photos. Slovenian coast is bilingual territory, so the city also has the Italian name Capodistria, meaning the boss of the Istria peninsula.

Today’s selection begins with a peculiar setup of the regional headquarters of the political party Levica with five MPs, which does little to hide its vocation with its name and symbol, since Levica means left hand and the star is self-explanatory. The motto on the door translates as “prosperity for all, not just for the handful”. The two white words on red in the windows say “equality” and “fraternity”, which is all very fine, it’s the less visible word in red on top of the door – where one would expect “liberty” – that raised my eyebrows. The word is SAMOPOSTREŽBA. It means “self service”.

From there we continue to the historical centre, which used to be an island, where several magnificent churches and other grand buildings await. There will be one more door post from Koper but for more details you will have to visit it yourself. Suffice to say, the arches and the doors are lovely.

And finally, I wish to say a big Thank You to all who left a comment to my previous post about my camera trouble. I was impressed and you confirmed my conviction that the blogging community is the best thing there is. As it is – I will leave it to a pro to fix it. I’m not savvy enough. When I googled the error message that I’ve been getting (to click the shutter button again), I found a neat little video showing how to get my mirror unstuck and thought that must be it, but alas, my mirror is not stuck. Something else is wrong.

PS: How about these three rows of ugly ads, WordPress? Jeeeez.

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Last photo of July with lens trouble

Yesterday I remembered that it was the last day of the month so I made sure that my last couple of photos make a good piece of evidence of my lens trouble.

This is something that has been happening more and more often. Have a look at my penultimate and last July photo:

By the end of this post you’ll be as frustrated as I am. Recently my camera (Nikon D5000) keeps producing white blotches together with the error warning and instruction to release the shutter button again, which sometimes works and my next photo is good, but at other times doesn’t and the whiteness continues.

Here are some further examples of the times when it worked, all from heavenly Piran on the Slovenian coast where I’ve been staying in my parents’ home the last two months. Included please find a chandelier made of sparkling wine bottles, my father’s idea. All the photos have only been cropped, straightened and resized, with no other editing.

There is no photo studio here in Piran, so I can’t show it to an expert. Can it be a result of my fall when I fell on top of my camera hard but with no visible damage? At first I thought it was happening because my battery was low, since once recharged the issue got better but not for long. It is mightily frustrating. This Tamron lens (18-200) is not even one year old (but its papers are back in Tuscany). If you have any thought on it, I’m all ears.

Bushboy’s Last on the Card rules are simple:

1. Post the last photo on your SD card or last photo on your phone for the 31st July.
2. No editing – who cares if it is out of focus, not framed as you would like or the subject matter didn’t cooperate.
3. You don’t have to have any explanations, just the photo will do.
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5. Tag “The Last Photo”.

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Thursday Doors 28/7/22: Piran in July

All these doors were captured this month on the coast of Slovenia. There are worse times and places to be.

All but two, that is. Yesterday, just as I was choosing doors for this post, the following door came flying in by way of Crystal, my friend from Oregon who visited us last year and just may buy the property in Piran next to my parents (never say never). She made me happy with her recent post Linked where she shows that we are exactly that, and now she sends me this door saying that it reminded her of me:

This hand painted door is at the McMenamins Edgefield in Troutdale, Oregon. Photo: Crystal

Let me tell you: there are worse things than be reminded of by way of a beautiful door. But you know that. You are the Thursday Doors crowd.

As a side note, I’m sad to report that my Tamron lens is slowly going to the dogs, even though it’s not even one year old. At times, and it’s happening more and more, it refuses to – and I lack the correct vocabulary – automatically send the darkness where it’s needed so that portions of my photos remain white blobs and I get the error message.

Just as this post was almost ready, Crystal sent me another photo from the same place. How wonderful is this painting?

Photo: Crystal, with eternal thanks.

And this is Piran in July, at your service. If you ever come over, all these doors will seem so very familiar and will remind you of me.

For Thursday Doors challenge hosted by Dan at No Facilities

July 2021

Before July runs away from us, here is how this month went by last year in twenty images.

I’m not pleased with my levels of creativity here in Slovenia at all. I’ve needed three weeks to come up with this post, July for my Calendar 2021. Mostly it’s because my body is using all the energy to stay cool and survive. It happens every year, this time more than ever since it’s hotter than ever.

I’m still in Piran on the Slovenian coast. We’ve had some smoke from the biggest forest fires in Slovenia of all times. When it covered the sun, the scenery turned apocalyptic.

The sea is the hottest it’s ever been, nearing 30 degrees C. The jellyfish still don’t sting, luckily, and there are days when none is around.

I’ve just returned from walking bestia. Father walks him in the morning, I in the afternoon. It’s 6.30 pm and frankly, it’s too hot to walk. Now I write this wrapped in my big towel, because the air-conditioning is a danger to my back. It’s hard to find a happy middle.

And now let’s jump to last year.

Since before July 19th, when last year uncle brought me to Slovenia, I didn’t take any photos worth mentioning, all today’s photos are from the last ten days of the month: First Ljubljana, the capital, where I had my first vaccine, and then the coast.

Our garden in Piran was very much greener than it is this year. Luckily there is some rain promised for tomorrow. Good, because there is already talk of the tap about to run dry.

Previous months of 2021:

June in previous years:

Thursday birthday doors and stuff 21/7/22

Today celebrates my sister so it won’t be only doors but rather a variety of views that I wish to gift to her right now with heartfelt wishes.

Compared to my regular ones this post is a double, but since I do it so rarely these days, you deserve it – my sister, who is currently on summer vacation in Croatia, and you all.

All these photos were taken since May this year in Italy and Slovenia and asked me to be photo gifts in this post together like this. Vamos!

Dear Nina, evolve to stay the same as you ever were because you are the best you. Much love!

For Thursday Doors challenge hosted by Dan at No Facilities

Thursday Doors 14/7/22: Piran 5

Here is another portion of doors in Piran by the sea

All these doors face the sea which was so full of jellyfish yesterday that I refused to enter. They are the small translucent kind that don’t sting but it’s no fun to suddenly touch one underwater.

Pay attention to the last photo which shows an initiative by two friends and cat lovers.

Happy full moon and the victory day to France!

For Thursday Doors challenge hosted by Dan at No Facilities

Thursday Doors 7/7/22: Koper 1.

Let’s infiltrate another city among all the Piran doors that have come and will be coming on Thursdays for a while. Koper is the biggest coastal city in Slovenia and here are a few of its doors.

One Wednesday in June I drove to Koper by bus from Piran for 40 minutes and spent the afternoon strolling around with my poet friend. I saw many favourite corners and some that I never noticed before. Here are three clusters of photos involving doors.

I showed you this boat-seeming house with striking doors and shutters and its funky neighbour on my blog once before, and just like that time some cars were in the way. But I never noticed the ceiling of the passage that leads to this courtyard.

The following courtyard I never noticed before. It is small and pretty and could be in Italy, if it weren’t for the Slovenian flag.

And finally, this door caught my eye and only after I noticed all the details.

For Thursday Doors challenge hosted by Dan at No Facilities

Happy Branko birthday!

Today is my father’s birthday and we have been celebrating all weekend. This post will have three galleries: of dogs, of goodies, and of our past year together.

It’s not every year that you hit 77, currently the most popular Slovenian number:

This year we are together on your birthday for a change, but throughout the year you like to tease me with dogs and food. You keep sending me photos of dogs that you meet or that come on a visit. Now there is only one around, our bestia.

Just as much you like sending me photos of the goodies you make, and when I arrive you make many new ones. Sometimes we go out to try other people’s too.

And finally, these are our summers, previous and this year’s. We couldn’t see each other during the year but at least I’m here now. The most memorable day of last summer included a trip to Maribor, your city of birth. But let’s start with two photos that you sent me.

Happy 77th birthday, Dad! You know that you are my superhero too.

Last photos of June

Isn’t this a case of good timing! While there may be only flowers as the last photo on my camera, my phone provides something special.

First, the flowers:

And here are my last two photos on my phone since I didn’t pack my camera to The Game on purpose. I knew I’d be otherwise occupied.

These were the only two photos I took. Mom and I were left open-mouthed, and Luka is the one in black and blue with red sneakers (for the game he changed them).

Here are a few key points:

  • End result: Slovenia 97 : Croatia 69. As I anticipated and foretold, Slovenia almost scored 100 (in Europe games are 8 minutes shorter) and almost won by 30 points. My kind of game – leave no doubt.
  • We arrived one hour early to discover spotless organisation with no queues despite the sold-out venue, most excellent seats in row 9 (for 40 Eur apiece), the guys warming up, and a loud and obnoxious sound system that forced us to use doggie bags, which I always carry around, to stuff our ears (Really. Thanks, dog!), which left us deaf (once the game started it was okay and we could unplug).
  • Croatian players (including Zubac from the L. A. Clippers and Bogdanović from the Utah Jazz) were introduced first, and when they turned off the lights and turned on the fires for the presentation of the Slovenian team, mom found it over the top, while I thought it was rather spectacular. Luka got the cheer he deserves.
  • Slovenia won the first (10 minute) quarter with 33 : 8. Nuff said. Luka stole many balls, dunked once, made many passes, knocked down a few threes and ended up with 21 points, 10 assists and 8 rebounds. 19 points were added by Goran Dragić who returned to the national team five years after the Euro Cup victory when he retired. This was his last home game ever. In September Slovenia plays in another Euro Cup and he may or may not play there. And he may or may not join Luka in Dallas Mavericks…
  • We were getting really thirsty and before the last quarter stepped out of the arena to get drinks. I was amazed that there was no queue at the bar and that we got a beer for me and an ice-T for mom in record time and were able to return to our seats in time for the last quarter to start. With a beer and all! Luxury! Like a rock’n’roll show!
  • Once the game ended and Goran was tossed in the air in celebration, Luka and a few other players passed through the tunnel right next to mom and me, even though throughout the game this tunnel was reserved for Croatian players. We both leaned over the fence and as Luka was passing, he (and I’m NOT making this up) took off his shirt, looked straight at us and threw the shirt up towards us. He didn’t make a good job of it and it landed away from us. He did the “my bad” gesture and almost returned to retrieve it but by that time it was gone. I looked at mom, mom looked at me and said the famous last words: “Did you see that Edo Murić (another player on the team) almost threw us his shirt?” 😀 😀 Well, Luka and Edo do seem to share the barber…

For the curious, here are the game’s highlights with an excited commentator, good crowd noise and a sighting of us (mom’s wild shirt gives us away) at 5:26 in the top left-hand corner:

Here is how Luka Dončić was greeted by his people after four years of no official home game, and how Slovenians like to sing and cheer:

And finally, this is how we sang the National Anthem which is a toast to the day when all neighbours will be friends and no longer foes. I drink to this.

Bushboy’s Last on the Card rules are simple:

1. Post the last photo on your SD card or last photo on your phone for the 30th June.
2. No editing – who cares if it is out of focus, not framed as you would like or the subject matter didn’t cooperate.
3. You don’t have to have any explanations, just the photo will do.
4. Create a Pingback to this post or link in the comments.
5. Tag “The Last Photo”.

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Thursday Doors with a view 30/6/22: Piran

Today’s doors, all taken this month in Piran, come with some sort of view, be it of the sea, of the town below, through the arch, or in a reflection.

Welcome to join me on a stroll through Piran with the views I get on my dog walks. And the doors, the doors are always here somewhere.

In seven hours or so I’ll put on my Pearl Jam “Don’t Give Up” shirt and walk with mother for some 15 minutes to the sold-out Stožice Arena, where Slovenian national basketball team with Luka Dončić and Goran Dragić (who returns to the national team five years after he was the MVP of the 2017 Euro Championship which Slovenia won without a loss) is playing against Croatia for a spot in the World Cup next year.

This will be my first Luka sighting. Everybody who has been following my cheerleading on this blog since February or so will know how much this means to me. I wish you a most excellent day too, and the month of July which starts tomorrow.

For Thursday Doors challenge hosted by Dan at No Facilities

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