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You are a gift

Miralem, my friend who celebrates today: You are so good at gifting yourself that you will last forever. (No, it’s not my dog’s birthday, even though he is in so many photos. Miralem is my human friend in Slovenia.) On this day I sometimes show the world what you have gifted me through the years.Continue reading “You are a gift”

Thursday Doors 18/5/23: Castelnuovo di Porto 1. & a door poem

This is the first post in a new series with doors from a small town in Lazio where on Sunday we visited a special bistro. I told you more about that in my latest birthday post, so first let’s see which door from Dan’s Third Annual Writing Challenge‘s gallery I have chosen for my today’sContinue reading “Thursday Doors 18/5/23: Castelnuovo di Porto 1. & a door poem”

 Home away from home

I wish you happy birthday – mine, that is. Have a look where we went on Sunday for a wonderful early celebration. About a week ago amore’s elder daughter Sara and her boyfriend Julien bought the bistro where she had been working for the past year. It is called “LINA Vini e Vivande” and hasContinue reading ” Home away from home”

May 2022

Last May was an easy-to-file-away month. It started with one-day visitors on Day 1 but then it got really empty really quick, until Day 31 when I met Flavia for the last time, so far. So I had all the time in the world to observe poppies in the greens turn to browns and reds.Continue reading “May 2022”

Four April centos: No. 1

I may be done with April but April is not done with me. This is something that I had to do: collect final thoughts from ALL your final poems and shape them into four centos without changing a word or adding any. Here is the first. The idea came to me as I was readingContinue reading “Four April centos: No. 1”

Thursday Doors gifts 4/5/23: Italy and France II.

Let’s continue from last week. Or better, they continue, Lenča and Mitja, my friends on their honeymoon, travelling around and sending me doors. Oh, life! But first I’d like you all to invite you to the Third Annual Thursday Doors Writing Challenge. It can be a poem or a story (or more) or anything atContinue reading “Thursday Doors gifts 4/5/23: Italy and France II.”

Day 30: No debate

Let’s finish off April with a (non)debateable poem, twenty images from where I wrote poems this month, and a guy I’d like you to meet. Prompt 30: Write a palinode – a poem in which you retract a view or sentiment expressed in an earlier poem. For example, you might pick a poem you draftedContinue reading “Day 30: No debate”

Day 27 & Thursday Doors 27/4/23

I wrote my poem and chose some photos and then remembered that it was Thursday. Luckily, my friends are touring Tuscany and keep sending me doors as we speak. Grateful! Prompt 27: Write your own poem titled “The ____ of ____,” where the first blank is a very particular kind of plant or animal, andContinue reading “Day 27 & Thursday Doors 27/4/23”