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Friendly Friday encounter

Who says that it must be a human? Especially because I tend not to meet many new ones lately.

While two humans are incoming from far away – new only in person – here is somebody who cheered me up 100% earlier this month like only members of its species can, even if they don’t speak.

He lives on my bestia-walking route in Ljubljana so I passed his home more than once. A few times after the first time he was not in the garden, once he was sleeping on his terrace, and the last time – there was a cat on the chair instead.

Even though he is a male, and bestia doesn’t like them, they were happily sniffing each other through the fence and then this little bulldog just fell down in submission, and it was too cute to click. I had to rub instead.

No wonder that I liked him so much since I’m one too: Taurus and dog in Chinese. Bulldog. Nice to meet you.

For Friendly Friday Photo Challenge hosted by Sarah at Travel with me: Meet

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Published by Manja Maksimovič

A Slovenian in Italy for love. Blogger, photographer, translator and would-be writer who would be a writer if she wrote. Plus reluctant but emerging poet. Beware.

20 thoughts on “Friendly Friday encounter

  1. Yes, he’s cute but looks slightly grumpy at the same time! But I have to confess that as a cat lover I’m more curious about that interloper 😉 And indeed, who says it has to be a human encounter? I’m very happy to meet new animals too!

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    1. Hhaha, Sunra Nina, you often crack me up with your observations. This man is my friend and he’d laugh at this too. Fun surprise! 😀 😀 Thank you!! (If you click on the photo, you can read the translation of the poem that he dedicated to me after he got out of the water.)

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  2. Oh gosh, I love the whole poem, it just tumbles out effortlessly. I especially like these lines:

    “Do you know that Lipizzaner horses are basically black
    and merely go grey prematurely?
    The hair on my sideburns is turning white too.
    I’m sitting on a bench, working,

    And the whole bit about the castle devoid of princesses providing the scenography. How lovely. 🙂

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