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PPAC: Stožice street art 2

As promised, here is the second part of the photos that I didn’t take from the newly-built ruin between the Stožice Arena and the stadium in Ljubljana where graffiti artists have their picnic.

While I’m enjoying Piran with my visitors, let’s look back to mid-August when a series of (non)coincidences brought me in possession of these glimpses. As we established last week, Azram (a.k.a Ramz) is a great talent, and 1107 Klan kicks ass too. Today you will see how their works have to battle new growth.

I wish to thank Cee for including my last week’s post from here among the featured ones. Lovely to see!

And in the meantime, I will take mom, Crystal and Pedro swimming. And later, some Ferraris will swing by. I asked them nicely.

For Photographing Public Art Challenge (PPAC) hosted by Cee at Cee’s Photo Challenges

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21 thoughts on “PPAC: Stožice street art 2

  1. I do love that any spare piece of wall is a canvas to street artists, ruins or not. Though I do prefer images to words, I must say. Sometimes I find graffiti font a little aggressive but that’s just me. I adore the photo of the cats at the end, it’s just wonderful. Please may I incorporate that in a work of art some time? ☀️

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      1. Thank you, I’d love to sketch it some time. It’s such a perfectly framed silhouette, a simple form with high contrast. The quality is fine and if I reference it any way, I shall let you know and of course credit you. Thank you! It would just be sketchbook stuff for now 🙂

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      1. I’m sorry but I have no info on this art other than what I could see. I know of no insider who could help me out. It seems that this area is used by artists to practice and full around. But I also hear that this project has been sold to some Libyans and it’s possible that they will stop all of this art one day.


    1. Hi, Julie, and welcome to my blog! I must admit that I don’t know what you mean by a wash (unless you mean a real wash, like a car wash). This is an unrealised project of a shopping mall between the newly-built basketball/concert arena and also new stadium (well, from 2010). I hear that the three levels go down to the ground and are full of art like this. These photos are only from the first level nearest the surface.


      1. Thank you for teaching me something new! I’m a translator and it will come handy. We don’t have this kind of reservoirs though. This was supposed to be an underground shopping mall.


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