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Friendly Friday gardens

Yesterday I showed you some doors from one of them, today a brief tour of all three gardens in Tuscany as visited last May on an open-door day.

Since Friendly Friday guest host Sofia wishes to see our gardens and since I don’t have one, here are three that I visited just in time, last May after the quarantine. In my blogging memories at the end of this post there is a letter that I wrote from my quarantine. Funny how some things never change.

This was the annual open garden and courtyard day organised by ADSI, the Italian association that cares about places of historical importance. I can imagine they are pretty busy. I had a good selection of places to choose from but the most popular ones were sold out. Looking at you, Sammezzano castle with your 365 rooms!

I chose three gardens south of Siena that were relatively close together since I had to book the timeslots online in advance. Once there, I had to hurry more than I would have wanted to catch the next one. All three properties are available for rent. Be my guest!

I had a wonderful day and this is what I saw.

  1. Villa Cetinale in Sovicille is a magnificent villa with huge gardens and even a penitential staircase. I posted doors from here twice. I could spend the whole day only here.

2. Castello Poggiarello near Sovicille is a beautiful property with a former chapel, a vegetable garden and a pond. The owners live on the estate and rent out a few rooms. I posted the first half of its doors yesterday.

3. Villa di Radi is in Radi. They just finished a major interior refurbishment during the pandemic. Their garden is more like a viewing plateau, but what a view! I’m grateful for this day and these visits since all of these places are rather beyond my spending limit.

For Friendly Friday Challenge guest-hosted by Sofia at Photographias: In the garden

This day in my blogging history


Published by Manja Maksimovič

A Slovenian in Italy for love. Blogger, photographer, translator and would-be writer who would be a writer if she wrote. Plus reluctant but emerging poet. Beware.

17 thoughts on “Friendly Friday gardens

  1. That penitential stairway…!! Have you walked it? I think I’d like to just to be able to say I did, but it looks like no railings. Whew! Killer. I’d love working in that garden, though!


  2. So beautiful! Such a different world. I love gardens. So glad your friend Sofia suggested gardens. Those fat pink/purple flowers on that tree were gorgeous! The million steps to that, I’m guessing former chapel, were amazing!


  3. Wonderful manicured gardens, but the painted room at the end with murals on the wall and the ceiling is my favourite 🙂


  4. Oh how I love the Villa Cetinale in Sovicille. Its water and greenery are so soothing. And I would love to take tea in the frescoed dining room of Radi. I’m shutting my eyes and imagining it now.


  5. I love that we’re online friends, Manja. You may always talk to me online any time and hopefully some day in person. But only if there’s plenty of wine 🙂

    STUNNING shots of the gardens. I adore the ones with the archways at the end, very baroque. It always amazes me how lavishly people use to live. Maybe there was just more land to play with and as places became more populated, each person’s plot became smaller and more expensive.


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