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Day 13: Stream of a con

How about some random thoughts about a calf and how amazing things are going to be?

Prompt 13: “Today, in honor of the potential luckiness of the number 13, I’d like to challenge you to write a poem that, like the example poem here, joyfully states that ‘Everything is Going to Be Amazing.’

Stream of a con

Hard to do a stream of consciousness on a dog walk.
I pull the leash slightly and say:
“Come on, dog, I have a poem to write.”

Ooo, how amazing it is going to be.

Somebody told me that if you write as you think,
by line 18 you hit pure truth.
It must have been one of you.

Dreams are like poems,
checking if you are ready for what is coming.
And if you weren’t before, you damn well are now.

My last dream was the opposite 
of how amazing it is going to be.
Nobody could survive those winds.

No, actually my last dream
was about Dwight Powell,
Luka’s friend on the Mavs.

He was our host in New York,
bought us a fancy dinner
and invited us to visit him in Canada.

In the meantime,
the entire basketball world has a calf on its mind.
I thought that was an animal. 

But no, it’s Luka’s strained muscle.
The injury happened on the day I posted his poem.
I knew something was coming and had to make it hurt less.

So believe me when I say
it’s going to be amazing.
Alright, Dwight? Ready when you are.

But what is the con in the title?
A con woman or a convict?
The jury is still flat out.

Here you go, some Maremma cattle from right here in southern Tuscany. For you always need an extra calf.

The last day in my NaPoWriMo history

2018: Best friend
A friend in need is
not a friend with weed but is
indeed a dog, that’s
better. A woman’s best friend
is a dog, while she is man’s. 
2019: Little witch
Her pen is at the ready
and so is her pan
in case a monster enters her shadowlands
in need of a good thrashing.
Some say:
“Go into the dark.
Write out of anger.
Explore the negative.”

She says:
“You have no idea  
what you’re asking for.” 

(Read all.)
2020: Sorry not sorry
“Have you ever taken the Big Five test?
There’s a category called ‘Neuroticism.’
I scored 0%. I think you might, too,”
Tom wrote once.

Sorry not sorry for that.
And for moving away.
And for not coming back.

I’m guilty.

I am living somebody else’s dream.
I am taking somebody else’s pictures.
I am breathing through somebody else’s mask. 

Read all.

2021: The Age of Silence
But what I really wish to know
is not what happens tomorrow:

The news I wish for
is how decades from now,
after the incoming
long and impenetrable
Age of Silence
the early morning calm
is broken

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This day in my blogging history


Published by Manja Maksimovič

A Slovenian in Italy for love. Blogger, photographer, translator and would-be writer who would be a writer if she wrote. Plus reluctant but emerging poet. Beware.

31 thoughts on “Day 13: Stream of a con

  1. You do these well. And all on that dog walk. I should get a dog to walk. Adored this. How clever. But is this poem for Dwight? Who is Dwight? No worries. I still love the poem. Thanks. I adore you. xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I had to rescue this comment from spam. I’m glad I looked. Thank you, Selma. Yes, yes, you should get a dog for a million of reasons!! My Day 10 poem “Luka Magic” was for Luka Dončić, my favourite basketball player, a Slovenian who is playing in Dallas. On the evening after posting that poem he got injured, his calf muscle. It is not clear how bad it is, he might miss some important upcoming elimination games. Dwight is his teammate. I have no idea how he ended up in my dream but these things happen. 😀 Thanks for asking. I sometimes leave things too vague.


      1. Luka. Incidentally, Luka is Vesela’s son’s name. (Vesela my friend)

        About Dwight. I get it.
        You’re a dream catcher of sorts. Wow. Amazing. I hope Luka recovers soon. Xoxo.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Lois. It came together quite nicely, I think so too. I wish there was no need for this poem, of course. There’s one thing that is working in this world and then it gets strained. Hoping for the best though. First game against the Jazz on Saturday.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I love your meandering mind, Manja. Keep the stream of consciousness open–you’ve hit a a couple of truths well before line 18. And thank you for the cattle photos. I love cows and am moved by their soulful eyes.💜🍃

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Your tributes to Luka’s calf are both charming and hopeful. And I love this passage: Somebody told me that if you write as you think,/by line 18 you hit pure truth./It must have been one of you.

    I do believe that’s true. Didn’t Joan Didion say that she wrote simply in order to find out what she thinks? That’s true for me. I’m so grateful you share your thoughts (evolving or finished) with us!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Carol Ann. 🙂 I couldn’t let that calf run away without mentioning it in a poem. I don’t think I know Joan’s quote on it but here is one I remember:

      It is true for me as well. 🙂 I like sharing my thoughts with you because you listen well.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I’d say it’s confabulation. Or contradiction. Loved this and the bit about hitting truth at Line 18. Makes me want to check all my poems and see!

    The Best Friend poem is the absolute best, it made me laugh out loud. I thought it WAS a friend with weed? Oh well. But the whole thing, dog being woman’s and woman being man’s – hilarious!


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