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September 2020

Before this September runs out, here are twenty images from last year’s for my Calendar series as is my monthly habit.

Every month I look back a year and select twenty photos that will represent this month forever in my mind’s eye and for all of you who choose or happen to pass by.

As you will see, last September was a good month. My uncle came over – just like he is here right now as well – and we had a great day out with Flavia in Tarquinia and Santa Severa. We also revisited some of his favourite spots, such as Porto Ercole.

When he returned to Slovenia, I got together with Flavia once again and we tried to find certain Devil’s Waterfalls in the Sabina region, forgetting that one needs water in order for it to fall but it was much too dry for that. Still, we hiked a bit and I got to use my walking sticks for the first time after moving to Tuscany in 2013. After seven years everything comes handy, Slovenian proverb says.

We were lucky in finding our lunch spot too. The waiter immediately noticed that my shirt matched their tablecloth. We ate and drank out of plastic plates and glasses from the wooden table but it was all yummy in its rustic way.

In the town nearest my home, Capalbio, I was in for a big surprise when I climbed the tower, alone and for the first time, only to find an amazing room with the piano which was played on by Giacomo Puccini.

Plus I got a new flowery bag, made by my friend and his mother in Slovenia. Add some gelato and sunsets and the month is made.

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