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Day 15 & Friendly Friday beneath our feet

Here is a collection of things under my feet in photos and another of things I don’t care about in the poem. April halfway done!

Prompt 15: “This one may seem counter-intuitive, but today I’d like to challenge you to write a poem about something you have absolutely no interest in. This isn’t quite the same, I think, as something you’re indifferent to.

No, on the contrary, “no interest in” is a bit too mild for some of these. This list poem was written in bed by 6.05 am. And then I could sleep some more.

Back off

People with big dogs “for protection”.
“Step nearer the edge”.
Breaking a horse.
Guns as problem-solvers.
Authority without a clue.
“Unused potential”.
Ambition (“makes you look really ugly”).
Franz Kafka: “The Castle”.
“Don’t Look Up”.
“La Grande Bellezza”.
Truffles, the mushrooms.
Drugs, unneeded ones.
Aesthetic surgery for kicks.
Invisible art.
Most jazz (I tried).
Organised religion.

Since Amanda wishes to see what is beneath our feet for her Friendly Friday challenge, here is a compilation of my views through the year.

For Friendly Friday Challenge hosted by Amanda at Something to Ponder About: Beneath My Feet

The last day in my NaPoWriMo history

2018: Half way!
He was sitting there
eyes glazed over
nursing a litre.
I’m not sure he recognised me
since I withdrew
the moment I saw who he was.
I was tempted to go back
to clear out some mud
but then thought better of it.
That lonely glass
serves you more right
than I ever could.
(Read all.)
2019: Viciously Delicious
“Here is your granddaughter,
fatten her up a bit.”

“What would you like for dinner?”
“Same again, grandma.”
“Ohh, aren’t you cute,
such a healthy, fat child!” 
(Read on.) 
2020: Whack
Not Eyetalian
yet in Toscana,
seem white and yet
I’m from Lublana.
Like what they said for Luka:
He is not white,
he’s from the Ball-kans,
I can tell impressive
from pressing
on and on
like his effortless passing. 
(Read on + more Florence)
2021: Legacy
My father shared the stage with bards most noted
and published poems, but then had to marry. 
His verse is soft, of love, nothing too scary,
romantic without being sugar-coated. 

My mother is a rapper, non-promoted.
When she hits 80: festival, not dairy! 
She writes for those who in her heart she’d carry,
to children’s poems she is most devoted. 
(Read all.)

This day in my blogging history


Published by Manja Maksimovič

A Slovenian in Italy for love. Blogger, photographer, translator and would-be writer who would be a writer if she wrote. Plus reluctant but emerging poet. Beware.

25 thoughts on “Day 15 & Friendly Friday beneath our feet

      1. I agree with the points you made in the poem. Suntle and not so subtle. In fact er could been sisters in another world. Like you, I tried to likeJazz- but no.. It just didn’t cut the mustard for me.
        “Guns as problem solvers” that should be on a t-shirt with ‘no’ inserted before it.
        Shall we set it up to sell?


  1. You were quick with this one my friend. How awesome. This one took me forever, and in the end, opted out of writing for the prompt. Did my own thing and followed a different prompt. I have my dislikes but… you know me… anyway, enjoyed reading you. I always do. And the photos, are gorgeous. Your corner of the world is amazing. Thanks for sharing. Stay sweet. Any chance of something arriving in your mailbox yet? It’s been flying for a while. Was hoping it would get there before Easter. Let me know. xoxo. I wish you miracles.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love the dry humour in your poem 😀 It’s probably just true but it’s also so dryly funny! I don’t know why Kafka’s The Castle but I’ll take your word for it.

    “Breaking a horse” – you mean, like jockeys do?

    I’m intrigued about “invisible art.”! Pray tell what you mean?!

    “Heat” at the end – perfect! I agree 🙂


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